The Hidden Wiki Links 2020

Hidden Wiki Links 2020

What is a Wiki? A wiki site is just a website with a written program that allows registered users to contribute to the content of the website autonomously. The term “Wiki” is from the Hawaiian word “Wiki Wiki” which means “fast”. The website operates on a basis of trust for everyone. This allows users to review what is on the website, re-write and edit at will and re-publish. The most popular of the wiki websites available on the open web is the Wikipedia.
The Hidden Wiki, on the other hand, is just like the dark web version of the open web Wiki websites. These websites in the dark web do not provide information about people or places or things but rather, they give full information about websites and links that are active in the dark web. The Hidden wikis in the dark web are the best source of the right links for the onion sites on the dark web.
The hidden Wiki can, therefore, be said to be the name adopted by Wiki websites on the Tor network that is censorship-resistant that allows people to edit and republish their content upon registration. The main page these Wiki websites serve is usually populated with .onion sites in different categories for easy access.

The pioneer Hidden Wiki sites were operated using the top-level .onion domain names accessible only by using the Tor browser or Tor gateway. Their homepages were always maintained by the community of registered users and are filled with links to other hidden services. They form a sort of directory to other hidden dark web services like money laundering sites, contract killers, cyber-attacks and hacking, bomb sellers, ammo sellers, contrabands, child pornography, abusive images, and even drug stores.

One of the earliest Hidden Wikis found on the Tor domain 6sxoyfb3h2nvok2d.onion first surfaced in 2007. Since then several other Hidden Wikis have surfaced and associated with illegal and criminal content.

The list of available Hidden Wikis nowadays will belong as many more criminal minds have opted to the idea of hosting a Hidden Wiki on the dark web. From the likes of:

tormarketsfxi2my.onion TorMarkets
darkfailll6zyr5y.onion Dark Fail Link
hiddenwiki7wiyzr.onion Hidden Wiki
hiddenwikiwpn2ed.onion The Hidden Wiki
onionlinksv3zit3.onion OnionLinks v3
wikikijoy3lk2anu.onion Another Hidden Wiki
thedarkwebpugv5m.onion Pug’s Ultimate Dark Web Guide


The list can go on and on with several other newly launched Hidden Wiki sites on the dark web.

These Hidden Wiki sites claim to have the censored and the uncensored Hidden Wikis. But the problem with them is that most censored Hidden Wikis are simply Mirror sites for the uncensored. The uncensored Hidden Wiki first surfaced on the dark web in 2016 and they contained more explicit and illicit materials and site onion links. They are called “uncensored” for a reason if you ask me.
It is best to access these Hidden Wiki sites with caution as well as most sites on the dark web simply because those behind these sites are, in most cases, criminal elements. While some of the hosts of these Hidden Wikis hope to help dark web users get an up-close and personal feel of the whole new internet world, some of the Hidden Wiki owners are ready to rip you off almost instantly.
The Hidden Wiki sites do well with the segmentation of the directory of onion site links on their homepage. The filing helps dark web newbie to know where to look for what site link. Though They may pose some level of risk at some time, Hidden Wikis are often pointers to real links, acting as the open web search engine results.

The categories into which Hidden Wikis divide their home page link directories include:
Search engines: These comprise of a list of dark web search engines. These search engines only display results from dark web websites and never from the open web content.

Forums: These are forums where people register to access the dark web. There are different kinds of forums on the dark web and so when joining a forum, it is best to understand what is done in and with the forum before becoming a member. There are forums for journalists, scientists, even students while on the other hand, and there are forums for jihadists and extremists, terrorists, assassins and so on.
Marketplaces: Marketplaces on the dark web are websites where several vendors and buyers come together to meet and trade goods and services. Usually, the owner of the market place charges a fee on vendors who wish to sell on the marketplace. Marketplaces have mixed products and services on sale, both legal and illegal.

Stores: These are websites owned and run by a vendor. Stores are usually targeted for a particular product. On the dark web, there more stores that sell illicit drugs than any other product. Some stores require buyers to register and log in before making purchases while others do not require the buyer to register at all.
Social networks: Yes, just like you have Facebook and Twitter and the likes on the open web, there are also the dark web counterparts available. The dark web social networks are also available for dark web users to socialize and chit chat.
Making use of the Hidden Wikis on the dark web is a good way to start on the darknet. But then, It must be noted that making use of these Hidden Wikis can sometimes lead a user to websites and stores you don’t want to visit at all. Curiosity, they say, kills the cat. When you end up seeing what each web link stands to offer, one may become curious enough to want to find out if these websites can truly offer what they claim they do. Nevertheless, always remember to stay protected with a good VPN if you must enter the dark web. Also, try never to share your personal and private information with anyone or any site on the dark web. The dark web is a good place to be, only if you are smart enough to use it without getting trapped.