Popular Websites On The Dark Web

Dark Web How To Guide

The dark web has so many websites. Most of them are search engines, market places, stores, social media platforms, forums, email providers, etc. There different categories of websites on the dark web and this article will discuss the most popular of the websites on the dark web.

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#1 – SUPRBAY: this is one of the most popular websites on the dark web, this is so because this website is a social media website on the dark web. This social media website works as a forum were members of the website tend to communicate on matters or topics discussed in the forum. This website is a very user friendly with lots of user to chat with and to discuss your problems and get answers to them on the forum. Like mind can be gotten to take on a project there, where you will see people to work with and achieve a very good result.

#2 – THE HUB: the hub is one of that popular website on the dark web, socialization is the keyword on the website because it is a social media website on the dark web. Here there are topics in the form of a forum where members of the website tend to talk and give their experience to those that need it and answers to questions asked. Topics like the drug market, world news, hacking news, etc. are been discussed in the forum on the dark web.

#3 – SMUXI: Smuxi is a website on the dark web that has a free chat and forum for its members and here you can meet other dark web users on this website and discuss it with them. Teaming up to do jobs, or getting a solution to a problem, or renting a software, or giving out a project to experienced members. this website helps a lot that is the main reason it is one of the popular websites on the dark web. Their services are free and very secure with encrypted messages between members of the website.

#4 – FACEBOOK: don’t be surprised seeing facebook on the list of popular websites on the dark web, we already know that facebook is like 1st or second of the most popular website online but on the dark web we have another type of ranking. Facebook on the dark web still has so many users like that of the normal facebook but people that have access to the dark web is a little small compared to that of the normal web so here facebook has less. The interface is like that of the normal facebook and most of the feature of the dark web facebook is like that of the normal facebook. But this one is just encrypted and more secure than that of the normal one. You have friends too and groups, here you have a forum too, to communicate with other dark web users, the interface is user-friendly and very easy to use. Members of the website can communicate with each other.

#5 – DREAD: dread is the actual Reddit forum of the dark web, if you have been using Reddit before then you will have a very clear vision of this website. It is one of the most popular website on the dark web with so many users and a forum-styled onion service, which have topics relating to internet, drug stores, and markets, etc. members of the forum learn a lot from the forum and get to meet other members with same ideas and members that can be teamed up with.

These are all the social media websites on the dark web we will be discussing, now we will go to the next type of websites that are very popular on the dark web. These are popular onion websites where you can get confidential emails. As we all know the major reason for the majority using the dark web is anonymity and secrecy because most of the businesses being carried out there are criminal or illegal transactions that the government or the authorities will not like to happen. To this end, they need a very good email provider that can ensure encryption, secrecy, security, and anonymity. Because you will need an email on the dark web to register for most of the dark web website.

#1 – GUERRILLAMAIL: this is the first of the website o the dark web that provides emails with security and confidentiality is their watchword. They are a provider of quick email for users that needs a very quick and reliable email, they offer temporary emails that are encrypted and secure. These emails don’t allow spams in them and can be used for creating accounts anywhere.

#2 – PROTONMAIL: the second on the list is the ProtonMail this is another email provider that is very easy to use and it is a user-friendly platform. It resembles the typical email provider platform and it is open source and all the emails provided here are encrypted and can be edited and customized to your taste.

#3 – MAILPILE: Mailpile, as the name implies, is a website on the dark web that specializes in the provision of emails for their clients. They have a platform that looks like surface Gmail. Their website is easy to use and they have great security and encryptions on all their emails.

#4 – CONFIDANT: Confidant is another website that is very popular on the dark web with the way their platform is and the way they provide their emails. They are open source and their emails are encrypted with lots of security. This makes it very hard or nearly impossible to hack or people to read your mails.

#5 – RISEUP: this is the last on the list of the popular email provider website on the dark web, this website is based in Seattle and they have a very easy to access platform and emails with Tor Browser. They have a user-friendly and platform.

These are the list of the most popular websites on the dark web with what they offer on their websites.