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Dark Web Sites

The web as we know of it today is a very vast place, that no one can say I know it all. This web is now segmented into two major parts which are the dark web and the surface web. The surface web is the normal web that you know. This is available for everybody that is connected to the internet with loads and lots of websites, which can be accessed freely by anybody. Whereas the second part of the web is the dark web also known as the deep web. This is termed the dark web because majorly all the transactions on it are been carried out by criminals or fraudsters. The dark web is like the haven of criminals because it is the home of anonymity and secrecy, this is the reason why it is named the dark web. Most of the websites on the dark web are like market places, search engines, Wiki links, shops, drug stores, etc. In this article, we will be discussing some of the top websites on the dark web. Website that are major sites on the dark web. To be able to use the dark web there are some things you need to do on your computer, like tweaking and using the Tor browser.

Hidden Wiki: this is what you call the Wikipedia of the dark web, where all that you want to search can be found. Different links to most of the websites on the dark web can be seen on the hidden Wiki. The URLs of the dark web website are not like that of the surface web so it is very hard to find the website you are looking for on the dark web without using the Wiki link. There is also the provision of likely pages to the word or page you are looking for; here you can find another interesting website for you to visit. One has to be very careful in using the hidden Wiki because it does not censor the links that will be displayed, you will need to know where you are going and be sure of the link you want to click before you are directed to other illegal or criminal websites. Then you need to check for real hidden Wiki website for you not to be lured into copycat websites and be a subject of cyber-attack.

DuckDuckGo: this is the second on the list of top websites on the dark web. This is a search engine on the dark web that will give you directory to where you want to go to and give you a list of a similar website to the website you want to go to. This website does not collect or save data of its users because of the utmost anonymity and security of the users of the website. This website also shows .onion websites on the dark web, whereas most of the other search engines do not show the .onion index websites, a regular search engine will never bring you where you want to go on the dark web but this one will do so.

Candle: this is one of the top websites on the dark web and this website serves as a search engine. On the dark web where everything is normally meant to be hidden if you don’t know where you are going directly, you cannot get to the place. But this search engine makes it possible for you to be able to navigate on the dark web and get the link of the website you are going to. The secrecy and anonymity value of the dark web makes it very difficult for most of the search engines to work. But Candle helps a lot to bring small light to the darkness of the dark web for people to be able to navigate easily. and the candle is very easy to use, with a user-friendly design.

Not Evil: another very popular website on the dark web, this is also a search engine, most of the websites we are discussing about are majorly search engine because they are most necessary in the dark web for people to be able to get to the website you want to go, this search engines will not disclose all the website but they will disclose small out of them and familiar websites for you to be able to know where exactly you are going. When using Not Evil be careful not to click any other link by mistake because they may be harmful to the person that clicks on it. Vigilance is very much needed on the dark web when using the search engine. And you must know where you are going very well for you not to be hacked or scammed by going to cloned websites. Not Evil also have a chat services where members can create new topic and other members can chat and discuss about it but be careful not to be arrested because police might be on the chat too and criminal activities are being carried out on the dark web, stay secure and hidden is the watchword of the dark web.

Blockchain: this is the major language anyone using the dark web must first of all understand, the almighty currency, Blockchain is a website that is mainly for bitcoin, here on the website you can buy bitcoin, sell bitcoin and you can check stock on the website too. This website is all in all for bitcoin as a currency. The dark web has been using bitcoin before the surface web starts it as a means of payment. And without blockchain, you cannot use the bitcoin, so this website is very popular on the dark web.

Facebook: this is not the facebook everybody knows, this is the mirror of the real facebook you know, the interface looks a lot like the surface facebook but this one is more secure and encrypted and very hard for people to hack your account and get your info. This is a social media website on the dark web where you meet people and get projects and discuss works and other stuff. This website is one of the top websites on the dark web.

With these five websites, you know those websites that have the highest popularity and are on the topmost list of everybody as the top website on the dark web.